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Quotes from the book

"Enlightenment is the complete awareness of life. It is absolute consciousness unlimited by the fears,
desires and conceptual models of the self. This freedom only can be described as ecstasy." (Page 1.)

"Enlightenment is the union of all things. It is the intimate connection of the finite and infinite, of the surface and essence, of the physical and spiritual. This unbound harmony can only describe as love." (Page 1.)

"Enlightenment is blissful liberation from suffering. It is the absence of grasping, fearing, and controlling self. This nonexsistence can only be described as peace." (Page 1.)

"Religions are like languages describing the story of truth in different ways. Many religions are rooted in truth. The saints and prophets who had inspired these faiths saw the Big Picture and taught the whole truth. " (Page 2.)

"The good news is that there is a way for you to be truly happy in this seemingly crazy world. There is a way to eternal peace. There is a way to ultimate fulfillment. There is a way to move beyond the trappings of a life where we can't believe the old stories, yet the new reality leads us to no satisfaction. The way is Enlightenment. It is to experience life directly and completely, beyond limited stories." (Page 4.)

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