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Vayu Music

Oceans Of Light, Vayu's debut album is an ode to the sea. Beginning with spacious aquatic melodies and playfully grand themes, the album guides listeners to the solace of deep ocean soundscapes. It is an initiation into the wonder and majesty of the ocean world. The Big Island of Hawaii is a miraculous place of inspiration and renewal. In this, Vayu's second album, the lush symphonic sounds lead the listener on a journey of discovery through the beaches, off shore reefs, rainforests, and volcanic peaks of the largest island in the world. Inspired by the profound teachers of the great traditions of enlightenment, Vayu expresses a masterwork of rich evocative harmonies and pulsing percussive patterns conducive to meditative reflection on the illuminated lives and essential teachings of these spiritual masters. Vayu breezes lyrical melodious instrumentals over the sun-swept Waikoloa lava rock deserts and the rain-drenched Kona calderas. Rich synthesized arrangements build to portray majestic snow covered volcanic peaks and picturesque white sand beaches.